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Prepaid Funeral Plans

Best Prepaid Funeral Plans

Here at Reynolds Financial we search numerous providers so you don’t have to. We take some brief information concerning type of funeral required, ways to pay, interest free options etc and make a recommendation for the best prepaid funeral plans for you.

Nobody wants to think about what might happen when they die, least of all what might happen to their loved ones.  In the same way that writing a will can be daunting, planning your funeral ahead of time can feel frightening, but taking steps to make such arrangements now will leave you with peace of mind for when the inevitable does happen.

In a sentence, a pre-paid funeral plan pays for your funeral costs in advance and so ensures a little less hassle for the loved ones that you will leave behind.  Most people don’t realise, until they are in the unfortunate situation of having to organise one themselves, that funerals are incredibly expensive.

Prepaid Funeral Plans
Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid Funeral Plans Have…..


* No Age Restrictions *

* No Health Check *

* Pay in Full or Monthly Options *

* 24 Hour Helpline *

* Long Term Monthly Terms Available  *

In the UK, a basic funeral including undertaking services can cost anywhere from £4000+ depending on whether deceased is buried or cremated, though this can significantly increase depending on the area of the country.

The best pre-paid funeral plans will typically cover the cost of the funeral directors along with third party costs.  This means that no beloved family member will have to worry about finances while already going through what will be a difficult time; they will be free to grieve and remember you without additional stress.

Different types of plan include those that cover very basic arrangements such as a direct cremation, transport of the body and return of the ashes, to more comprehensive plans that can include numerous limousines and better quality coffins.  Some prepaid funeral plans will be by providers that are members of the Funeral Planning Authority and some won’t be.

The best pre-paid funeral plans will be tailored to your particular needs, wishes and budget, which is part of what makes them so reassuring.  Generally, you will be able to pay once in a lump sum or via monthly instalments.  It is worth noting that funerals will become more expensive with inflation so by paying for a funeral plan in advance you will be “locking in” at a lower price.

Some providers of the best pre-paid funeral plans will also offer a number of years to pay for the plan via direct debit.

In the end, planning for when you are no longer around is one of the kindest legacies that you can leave your family and friends, and with the help of a specialist broker it will also be a simple and hassle-free process.   Just keep in mind that the best pre-paid funeral plans should always be about you: your personal preferences, beliefs and finances.  In short, true reflection of the life you currently live.

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