Unique Funeral Plans Review

Unique Funeral Plans

Unique Funeral Plans

Unique Funeral Plans Review – Unique Funeral Plans is a relatively new option to the market place and was started by two partners who wanted to offer something a little different… and they have certainly done that.  They believe in doing things differently to the rest of the funeral plan providers.  They believe they are the best value for money without compromising on quality.  When you consider other providers “like for like” plans they can come in considerable cheaper.

Not only that, but their biggest feature is that after 15 years of the plan being paid in full, you receive your plan cost back in full….. and still have your funeral costs covered at the time of need.  This is what makes them completely unique.  So if you haven’t called upon the plan within 15 years, not only do you get the full amount refunded, you also get the funeral costs covered as well when the time is required.

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The first, big question that is normally asked is, “Is our money safe and how is it protected.”

To answer that question, Unique Funeral Plans, like most of the other plan providers, put your money into a trust fund that is accessible by your next of kin, along with a copy of the death certificate.  So it doesn’t matter if the funeral director or Unique Funeral Plans are no longer trading, the trust is a completely separate entity. More information regarding the trust can be found at the bottom of this article.

Unique Funeral Plans Review

Unique Funeral Plans – Comparing their plans…

Unique have a number of different plans and its important to look at the difference between their plans and what each one covers. What may be important for you may not be so important for someone else hence we hope this review will help narrow down your choices.  Its also worth noting that should you purchase plans for two people you attract a further 5% discount.  *Funeral Plan Prices correct as of September 2021

It should also be noted that all plans come with the 15 year pledge, (that is, the full cost of the plan back to you after 15 years of completing your payments) and also a free basic will.  If you are married or in a relationship and opt for a double plan to cover both of you it would also cover the cost of a basic mirror will.

Unique “The Purity” Funeral Plan – £1195 or from £16.94 per month
This is their entry level plan or a “direct cremation” as it is sometimes known as.  This is not a funeral as most people would recognise.  There is no service or family or friends present.  As the name suggests, it covers the cost of a simple cremation with the ashes to be returned to the next of kin.   There is no funeral procession and the cremation will be carried out at the funeral directors time and place of choice.

Unique “The Exclusive” Funeral Plan – £2,100 or from £32.94 per month (Under 40s only)
As stated this is a funeral plan for those under the age of 40.  It includes all the elements for a simple and standard funeral including funeral directors costs, a hearse and a procession to the crematorium.  It doesn’t come with any following limousines for the family and only £500 to cover any third party costs.

Unique “The Essence” Funeral Plan – £3,100 or from £50.74 per month
The funeral directors costs are covered and there is a more realistic amount of £850 allowance towards third party costs.  You also get the funeral procession to the location.  A hearse to transport the body is included however as with the plan above, it does not include any following limousines for the family.

Unique “Prestige” Funeral Plan – £3,350 or from £55.19 per month
This plan is what most people would expect a funeral plan to cover.  This is the same as the Essence Plan but crucially includes one limousine for the immediate family. It also includes an upgraded coffin and 24 hour collection of the deceased body.  Family members can also visit the body anytime.  It also allows an amount of £1,350 for third party costs.

Unique “Prestige Plus” Funeral Plan – £3,750 or from £60.31 per month
Out of all the plans they offer this is their high end plan. It includes all of the above plus an extra limousine and a top of the range coffin.  It also includes a very healthy £1,500 contribution to third party costs

Unique Funeral Plans Review

Are Unique Funeral Plans Right for you?

Quite possibly, but why risk it?  Talk to us and we can run through the different options available to make sure you make the right choice for you and your family.  Unique Funeral Plans are one of the newest providers out there and their application to join the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) is currently going through. Together we can make sure that Unique is the right prepaid funeral plan for you.

The biggest difference they offer is the 15 year pledge which would refund you the cost of your plan if it is not called upon within 15 years.  Your funeral is also covered so in essence your funeral covered for free.  No one else offers this.

You also get a free standard will with each plan along with a discount on any joint plans taken out.

Something else Unique Funeral Plans offer at the moment is a monthly draw where one plan holder will receive the cost of their plan back in full.

Along with the costs of their plans generally being a lot less than the other providers it certainly makes them a serious contender.

There are, however, lots of other things to discuss before a recommendation can be made.  That’s why we offer a free no obligation initial chat to find out what plan and budget would be right for you.  Also different providers may have different offers available throughout the year and sometimes this could tip the scales in their favour and save you some money

Unique Plans Trust Fund

The trust into which payments are made is a financially separate fund run by an independent board of Trustees.  This in essence makes sure that your money is going to be available when needed.  As we mentioned above even if the funeral directors or Unique ceased to exist, the trust would continue in its separate entity.  All of the big prepaid funeral plan providers would have similar arrangements.  All funeral plan money is looked after by The Sterling Trust Corporation Ltd

The trust has a responsibility to make sure there are sufficient funds to pay the funeral directors. The accounts of the Trust are prepared annually

Unique Funeral Plans Review

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